New FantaVerse Alpha Release V0.31 | (Updated 15th June, 2022 — Latest V0.32)

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2 min readJun 12, 2022
FantaVerse Game | Alpha Release V0.31 is live |

We are pleased to share with all Fantarians, gaming and metaverse enthusiasts globally that our Alpha Release V0.32 update is live!

FantaVerse Gaming | Alpha Release V0.31 | Supports Free Game Play |

Please download the latest Alpha-V0.31 with new game functions and for optimal game experience.

📌 Alpha-V0.32 Download:

The latest update includes the following features:

1️⃣ Land will show attributes and number.

2️⃣ Players will be able to build on lands.

3️⃣ Live broadcast will be made available at specific times.

4️⃣ Addition of second planet and second main city.

5️⃣ Optimizing performance and experience of the FantaVerse game.

6️⃣ Bug fixes.

FantaVerse Gaming | Alpha Release V0.31 | Terran NFT owners can collect airdropped UT |

The crypto markets have been volatile of late but regardless of whether the markets are up or down or just ranging, we continue to BUIDL out our Metaverse 3.0 FantaVerse eco-system and to make real READY PLAYER ONE’s envisioned OASIS, in our lifetime!

FantaVerse Gaming | Alpha Release V0.31 | Play with a Terran NFT to earn airdropped UT |
FantaVerse Mixed Reality, MR FantaGlass | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | 3D

Gaming enthusiasts can explore the FantaVerse with free gameplay.

FantaVerse Terran NFT owners can explore the FantaVerse and collect up to 1,500 UT per FantaVerse Terran NFT (whilst airdrop quota is available).

FantaVerse Gaming | Alpha Release V0.31 | Collect airdropped UT with Terran NFTs |

FantaVerse | BUIDL it! OWN it! PLAY it! FEEL it!

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