How Regular Folks Make Their First “Pot of Gold” with FantaVerse NFTs

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6 min readApr 19, 2022
NFTs that offer Play2Earn Opportunities

Many of us have heard of Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Decentraland and other stories inspired by blockchain gaming and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) start-ups.

Notably, Axie Infinity, with its Play2Earn ecosystem, has helped and prospered many people in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines, who were struggling from lockdowns and their painful financial impact.

Following Axie Infinity’s success, there have been many copycats, purporting to offer the same or better Play2Earn ecosystems. However, many are either poor copies or many are struggling to match Axie Infinity’s success.

Inasmuch as Axie Infinity has set the benchmark for other Play2Earn ecosystems, it is itself finding retention and engagement over a longer period of time somewhat challenging.

METAVERSE is on everyone’s consciousness.

Facebook’s rebranding to META brought the consciousness of the METAVERSE to billions of people — both consumers and corporate.

Sandbox’s and Decentraland’s metaverse plays received an initial boost in popularity and visibility. However, only time will tell if the level of engagement and retention of participants and enthusiasts will remain strong or grow even stronger.

“The metaverse is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you. You’ll be able to hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, create, and more.” ~ Facebook/META

The battle is on between Centralized metaverses v.s. Decentralized metaverses.

META’s metaverse initiative is centralized. Whereas, Sandbox and Decentraland are decentralized initiatives. Factors such as privacy and ownership are two core factors that decentralized metaverses trump centralized plays. Centralized plays may be quick to innovate on the back of their existing users but trust of data ownership and NFT ownership are always going to be its weak spot.

Proven ingredients of $uccess.

The most important thing for success, as proven by the abovementioned initiatives, is that the ecosystem must entertain, benefit and prosper its participants.

Participants who are rewarded, albeit experientially and/or economically, for the different ways in which they contribute to the ecosystem, are likely to remain engaged and more importantly, attract others to participate in the ecosystem and thus achieve exponential adoption.

We dare propose that it is paramount to have exponential FUN!

Is there a true METAVERSE play that exists to blow our minds?

Yes! Enter the FantaVerse metaverse!

(OK, OK, we are admittedly biased!)

Why settle for Metaverse 1.0 or 2.0 when we are already building Metaverse 3.0…

FantaVerse will usher in not only the decentralized Metaverse 2.0 but also the decentralized Metaverse 3.0 that many gamers and blockchain gaming enthusiasts have been praying for.

Whilst other metaverse plays are still stuck with low resolution and highly pixelated versions, we are already building a high-poly 3D Metaverse 3.0 ecosystem that incorporates:





Community Mining

3D Mobile Gameplay

Feel-the-game augmentation and

Deflationary tokenomics.

Why just play it when you can BUIDL it, too!

The FantaVerse metaverse allows you to enjoy a Play2Earn game that resembles real-world scenarios but goes further by offering the excitement of an engaging and fun metaverse with dynamic gameplay.

With its upcoming FantaVerse Editor, participants can build parts or whole metaverse sub-ecosystems through metaverse NFT auctions, to create their own unique game scenes within the greater FantaVerse metaverse. Our Buidl2Earn and Create2Earn high-poly 3D NFTs will usher in Metaverse 3.0.

On the other hand, if you are too busy to play the game, you may also co-contribute to the FantaVerse metaverse through acquiring tokens and/or breeding NFTs.

The FantaVerse Metaverse

No matter how you enter the game, the FantaVerse’s primary purpose is to create an engaging meta-space, that bridges real and virtual worlds, and one that offers nearly limitless play dynamics and opportunities to prosper through effective participation.

2 ways to BUIDL your FantaVerse “Pot of Gold”…

There are many ways you can participate in and benefit from constructing the FantaVerse metaverse ecosystem.

FantaVerse Tokenomics

But for simplicity, here are 2 significant ways to do so:


You will need to gain some in-game NFT characters and weapons to make the most of the FantaVerse metaverse.

To do this for free, we recommend that you join and participate in our FantaVerse community campaigns. By so doing, you could win different FantaVerse NFT assets for free by participating in internal activities and joining our FantaVerse metaverse ecosystem’s activities.

Undoubtedly, whether it is via exploring the FantaVerse or taking part in a small competitive game, you could benefit from your participation. Your enthusiasm will bring more liveliness to the community and garner for yourself greater recognition.

Come and join our FantaVerse Telegram community, stay updated and increase your chances of winning your first FantaVerse NFT.


If you are an enthusiastic follower but you don’t always have the time to actively participate in the FantaVerse, you could support the FantaVerse development team through token staking.

An essential part of the Fantaverse metaverse token economy is its adoption of Proof-of-Stake (POS). POS creates a consensus mechanism to protect the integrity and security of your assets (and all Fantarians’ assets) on the FantaVerse metaverse blockchain.

This requires you to possess FantaVerse tokens i.e. FantaCoin (FTC) to participate in the co-building of the FantaVerse metaverse ecosystem via staking.

To maintain the equity of the whole ecosystem for the benefit of all Fantarians, not everyone can simply own a FantaVerse token by just splashing money to own it.

We have built a unique FTC campaign around FantaGlass, the Mixed Reality (MR) visual device/glasses of the FantaVerse, to ensure that MR FantaGlass owners will have a priority to win FantaVerse tokens through active use of MR FantaGlass.

Interactivity Mining with FantaVerse’s Mixed Reality (MR) FantaGlass

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