FantaVerse’s Universal Token ecosystem is geared to become the next star token of the Metaverse!

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The advent of the pandemic in 2020 accelerated all things METAVERSE into the stratosphere of human psyche.

Limitations in the real world were overcome in significant part by the social benefits of gaming and the rise of metaverse concepts throughout the pandemic.

Virtual communications leapfrogged to the forefront and the world scrambled for and embraced new ways of communication and collaboration.

The vision of making a Ready Player One OASIS a reality for all gamers, NFT owners and Metaverse enthusiasts is being realized through FantaVerse’s phenomenal development team.

FantaVerse Beta 2.0 is available for downloading. Free play. PLAYnEARN with limited edition Terrans purchased.

FantaVerse’s development team is Web 3.0 savvy and every member of the team is passionate about pushing the envelop to build a AAA graphic gaming ecosystem masterpiece that is virtually (pun intended!) limitless!

FantaVerse is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that incorporates smart contracts, cross-chain bridges, decentralized transactions and decentralized storage.

3D modelling, leading-edge computer graphics and other visual art are utilized effectively to create an engaging metaverse for battles, breeding, exploration, PVP, PVE and other popular gaming formats.

The FantaVerse gaming ecosystem is also engineered to support gaming formats of the future, too. This is possible because of its FantaEditor.

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FantaVerse’s rendition of the metaverse is an increasingly gorgeous gaming ecosystem, developed by empowering creators through its FantaEditor which enables publishers, gamers and creators alike to enrich its gaming ecosystem much further than any other metaverse or game can support.

Using the FantaEditor, NFTs can be created and gamified.

With interoperability with other protocols in the works, FantaVerse’s NFTs will have utility beyond the FantaVerse ecosystem, too!

Enter FantaVerse’s Universal Token (UT)

FantaVerse’s in-game token, Universal Token (UT), is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) and it is both a cryptocurrency and an in-game token that can be exchanged, traded and transferred amongst FantaVerse enthusiasts.

FantaVerse, with its PLAYnEARN ethos as well as OWN2Earn ethos, rewards FantaVerse NFT owners for their contributions to its gaming ecosystem.

These two ethea solve the limitations of closed-loop and conventional Play2Earn gaming ecosystems which are plagued by poor tokenomics and limited gaming engagement that quickly fizzles out.

Unlike most, if not all, P2E games and Metaverse ecosystems, FantaVerse’s FantaEditor makes the FantaVerse an open-ended metaverse gaming ecosystem! Limitless fun, a plethora of gaming possibilities and forever- engaging gameplay are inherently supported!

Within this context, UT, Fantaverse’s in-game token’s utility and value is anticipated to grow in tandem with the limitless FantaEditor empowered FantaVerse metaverse!

UT’s utility goes to the moon and beyond!

Players who purchase and own FantaVerse NFTs are rewarded with UT through mining, battles, PVE and PVP games within the Fantaverse metaverse.

UT can be used to purchase in-game props, land, buildings, special NFTs and character breeding.

UT can be used to acquire fast-riding equipment and beasts, build and enhance beautiful homes, enhance weaponry and battle equipment and breed better offspring.

UT can be earned through various ways including staking FantaCoin (FTC) and mining with one’s paid NFT character.

UT can be used to purchase in-game Diamonds to restore energy and to increase mining efficiency.

UT empowers guilds and provides support for dynamic and engaging gameplay with PLAYnEARN and OWNnEARN ethea.

UT can be earned through gameplay and mining. By staking FantaCoin (FTC), UT can be earned.

With FantaEditor enabling a limitless metaverse gaming ecosystem, the additional uses of UT are likely to grow exponentially as more and more creators, gamers, NFT collectors and metaverse enthusiasts discover FantaVerse.

For the reasons shared above, it is without a doubt that FantaVerse’s in-game token, UT, is geared to become the next star token of the metaverse!

To the moon and beyond! Limitless utility!

As the FantaVerse gaming ecosystem and Fantarian community grows in leaps and bounds, it is imperative to always be aware of scammers. All official FantaVerse Contract Addresses for all official Fantaverse tokens can be referenced here:

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FantaVerse is a 3D decentralized metaverse 3.0 gaming ecosystem with a PLAYnEARN ethos where players are rewarded for their meaningful contributions to the game’s ecosystem.

Its unique FantaEditor empowers gamers and creators to #BUIDL and contribute to building what will be the world’s leading Metaverse 3.0 gaming ecosystem.



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