FantaVerse x STYLE Protocol join forces in an environment partnership to boost interoperability across metaverses.

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4 min readAug 18, 2022


Fantaverse and STYLE Protocol have formed an environment partnership to support and increase interoperability of NFTs across metaverses.

The Metaverse industry has been mentioning the word interoperability since the metaverse became the buzzword of 2022.

NFTs have become a symbol of culture, prestige, influence and identity. Play2Earn (P2E) innovation has enabled gamers to craft an income stream through gameplay with NFTs.

However, each NFT is confined to its own ecosystem whether it is its own metaverse or its own game. There is a global need for more a more sustainable alternative to the current P2E ethos.

FantaVerse and STYLE protocol are joining forces to unleash the potential of interoperability!

This collaboration means that FantaVerse NFTs owners will soon be able to have their NFTs roam freely in multiple metaverses, above and beyond the already vast FantaVerse metaverse gaming ecosystem envisioned.

With a more sustainable PLAYnEARN ethos, where the emphasis is on nearly limitless entertaining gameplay, the FantaVerse metaverse will appeal strongly to P2E players, gamers and NFT owners from other environments.

FantaVerse NFTs will become playable in multiple metaverses.

Fantaverse’s metaverse, through its FantaEditor, makes it a metaverse of metaverses. Through its partnership with STYLE protocol, FantaVerse NFTs can traverse different metaverses outside the Fantaverse world of worlds vision and owners of other NFTs can benefit from FantaVerse’s significantly larger metaverse.

By utilising STYLE protocol, Fantarians can bridge their playable NFTs automatically into multiple metaverses.

Through this collaboration, Fantarians can turn their FantaVerse NFTs into interoperable artworks.

FantaVerse NFTs launching in the Fantaverse gaming ecosystem can be brought to other metaverses as 3D avatars, skins, wearables, accessories or weapons through STYLE Protocol.


FantaVerse NFTs can be pushed from the Fantaverse metaverse into the STYLE supply chain for other ecosystems e.g. Decentraland, The SandBox, Roblox, ADAland and more.

This collaboration will increase utility of FantaVerse NFTs.

An increase in utility means increase in value for FantaVerse NFTs, each of which are already scarce limited editions within the FantaVerse metaverse alone.

Being interoperable in other metaverses through the collaboration with STYLE protocol unleashes exponential utility and potential for FantaVerse NFT owners.

It can be anticipated that demand for limited edition FantaVerse NFTs will be exponential over time as more interoperability is supported through this collaboration.

FantaVerse NFT owners can can become part of metaverse history by being interoperable in every STYLE protocol enabled world.

FantaVerse as a larger playground for other Metaverses.

Staked FantaVerse NFTs can be utilized in other metaverses through STYLE protocol and vice-versa.

Conversely, gamers can fetch all kinds of 3D Assets, such as Skins, Avatars, Fashion and Objects for the FantaVerse metaverse, too. Staked NFTs in the STYLE protocol such as BAYC-Skins, Luxury Fashion, Items, Cars, etc. can be fetched. Ditto for staked FantaVerse NFTs.

The nearly limitless gaming functionality within the FantaVerse metaverse gaming ecosystem would appeal to many an NFT owner from other metaverses, increasing the exposure to a much larger audience comprising of:

🟠 NFT owners who are not gamers,

🟡 NFT owners who are gamers,

🟢 NFT owners who are seeking a better AAA-graphic 3D world of worlds experience and

🔵 Play2Earn enthusiasts who desire a more sustainable PLAYnEARN ethos.

Fantaverse Metaverse Tokenomics offers a more sustainable PLAYnEARN ethos. Fantarians and visitors will benefit from the environment partnership with Style Protocol.

Instead of a single city or a single planet, the FantaVerse Metaverse comprises of 480 planets initially. As the Fantaverse metaverse evolves into a multichain metaverse, multiple galaxies can be built with its FantaEditor.

Players and NFTs owners from smaller worlds and gaming ecosystems will find the much larger Fantaverse universe more entertaining to invest their time in.

Through this collaboration with STYLE protocol, FantaVerse NFT owners have the promise of cross-metaverse interoperability and another step towards freedom of movement within multiple metaverses.

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STYLE protocol is an open protocol to license NFTs and virtual assets to players in any metaverse.

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