FantaVerse Product Release Event Went Viral In Seoul, South Korea

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With the evolution of the times, material satisfaction and consumption has ended, and people have started entering the era of spiritual consumption and fulfillment. As in the movie Ready Player One, people can switch identities anytime and anywhere, freely traveling between the physical world and the “OASIS” to study, work, make friends, shop, travel, and gaming in the metaverse through virtual space and time nodes. Players can put their unhappiness, unyielding, or inability to discover the real value and meaning in the real world and transfer into the metaverse and rewrite a new chapter of their lives through their avatars. It is a world built on blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, communication technology, etc., where people break the barriers of the natural world through immersive experiences and bring the virtual closer to reality. And it is such a different metaverse experience that FantaVerse hopes to bring to players.

FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse game world inspired by the legendary science fiction movie Ready Player One. The world of FantaVerse is as grand as the OASIS in the film, with infinite space and 480 planets where players can play different games and experience life on each planet. Meanwhile, game developers or players can build their planets using FantaVerse’s game editor, FantaEditor, to further enhance FantaVerse’s metaverse world with the scenarios, characters, assets, and custom gameplay they envision. Using leading cloud technology, FantaVerse is a decentralized metaverse ecosystem that people can access through many devices, such as cell phones, computers, and XR devices. It offers a low-latency approach to gaming that encourages virtual socialization and brings an immersive experience with AAA-grade graphics to immerse players.

On November 11, FantaVerse led the latest BETA 2.0 version to Seoul, South Korea, bringing a different gaming experience to the city. During the event, the FantaVerse team introduced the latest FantaVerse information, future development, and the new gameplay to Korean players and demonstrated the gaming experience of the portable device FantaGlass. Nowadays, the metaverse is causing a storm all over the world. In the future, FantaVerse will open more collaborations with the best of the best in various industries. The metaverse is evolving, and FantaVerse will become even more realistic as the technology matures. At the same time, Players may not ignore the importance of NFTs. As far as the gaming industry is concerned, gamers have been making in-game purchases for years, and NFTs make the process more efficient, fast, and transparent. What attracts players to FantaVerse is the real interactive experience and the P2E model, which allows players to reap the mental satisfaction of the game and the tangible rewards. UT is a token used in the FantaVerse metaverse and is priced based on player usage, internal in-game utility, further development and expansion of the game, and demand power. Players can earn it by pledging FTC, using paid NFT characters for PLAY2EARN, spending in the game ecosystem, or joining the official FantaVerse community and participating in occasional airdrops.

The event brought the players on the scene together to feel the beauty of the FantaVerse metaverse. In the metaverse world of FantaVerse, characters, equipment, cities, and plots can all be purchased in the form of NFTs, and the value of an NFT is directly proportional to the success of the underlying ecosystem. Over time, the FantaVerse will become more attractive, familiar, and loved by more and more players. Although Fantaverse is just one of the many Metaverse games in the market today, it is a genuinely playable AAA graphic 3D game, a brilliant spiritual realm, and a promised land that can fulfill life’s promise.

As Dr. Julian Chang, chief technologist of FantaVerse, said in the session, we are working on a decentralized system that allows anyone to enjoy beautiful AAA 3D graphics on any phone rather than buying expensive VR hardware to want the entire metaverse. CEO Henry Astley said our vision for FantaVerse is to create the most immersive metaverse game on the market. In 2023, we want to see FantaVerse’s UT listed on the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges. In the meantime, FantaVerse will further develop the game by adding editing features allowing users to create their maps and assets. At the same time, FantaVerse will strengthen cooperation with various industries to launch more metaverse project partnerships and build more planets in the FantaVerse ecosystem. FantaVerse will keep moving forward on becoming the world’s most popular metaverse Web 3.0 game.

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