FantaVerse Officially Launches its Planetary Ecosystem Collaboration Program

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3 min readJul 21, 2022
FantaVerse’s Planet Ecosystem Collaboration Program (PEC Program) welcomes Metaverse builders, creators and gamers to collaborate and accelerate their metaverse goals by leveraging on FantaVerse’s metaverse infrastructure.

FantaVerse is building out its metaverse 3.0 gaming ecosystem which comprises of a massive metauniverse of 480 planets. It envisions empowering gamers and creators with its unique gaming editor to create NFT assets in the FantaVerse metaverse.

Recently, FantaVerse successfully launched its Alpha release of its FantaVerse gaming ecosystem and now it is officially launching its Planetary Ecosystem Collaboration Program (PEC Program) to offer gamers and creators the opportunity to collaborate in building a phenomenal leading-edge metaverse ecosystem.

Partners in the PEC Program can own one or many planets within the FantaVerse ecosystem and they can define and craft their very own planet development roadmap. Planets can be envisioned as individual metaverse ecosystems and thus, creators who envision a multiverse can build that out within the Fantaverse ecosystem, too.

The Fantaverse ecosystem offers creators the flexibility to build open worlds where players can explore and achieve objectives freely and with greater autonomy. Creators who want to build out a more structured and linear gameplay can do so within the Fantaverse ecosystem, too.

FantaVerse’s ecosystem including its FantaNet and NFT-based ecosystem enables partners to navigate, innovate, create and update their very own planetary ecosystem culture that is synonymous with their branding and metaverse building goals.

Many who have bought virtual property in the virtual world have greatly benefited from the appreciation scarce property. According to the latest data from DappRadar, the total transaction volume of the two major metaverse platforms, Sandbox and Decentraland, exceeded $450 million.

Somewhat similar to SandBox and Decentraland, FantaVerse’s PEC Program partners can purchase property and virtual assets within the FantaVerse metaverse.

However, the similarities to Sandbox and Decentraland end there. In addition to building NFT-based property on their own planets and generate NFT assets, the FantaVerse gaming ecosystem is a metauniverse of a higher caliber with:

✳️ Hi-poly AAA-level graphic quality,

✳️ Web 3.0 enablement,

✳️ Cloud gaming capable,

✳️ Supports AR/VR/3D wearables and

✳️ Offers virtually limitless possibilities in NFT creativity with its FantaEditor.

The foundations of the PEC Program are:

1️⃣ Web 3.0 Infrastructure

A stable & dependable Web 3.0 infrastructure constructed to provide partners of the ecosystem with a rapid one-stop metaverse solution.

2️⃣ Community

A steadily growing community of FantaVerse players/users who appreciate a sustainable and immersive PLAYnEARN gaming ecosystem. Every player empowers themselves with in-game NFTs such as gaming characters, armor, weaponry and property, most of which have a scarcity factor. Long-term engagement is assured by the FantaVerse’s larger multi-planet ecosystem and limitless gaming possibilities.

3️⃣ FantaEditor

Ecosystem partners can utilize the FantaEditor, a powerful and comprehensive gaming editor, to rapidly create, build and promote their NFT assets that are synergistic to their metaverse goals.

4️⃣ FantaNet

The FantaNet infrastructure framework ensures the security of planetary assets, cross-chain transfers, protocol interaction and more, within planets and across planets. This is an extremely important element that securely empowers partners who own Intellectual Property (IP) to easily and seamlessly deploy their assets into and across the FantaVerse metaverse.

FantaVerse’s team members come from internationally renowned cloud service platforms, 3D gaming companies, world-renowned blockchain technology companies and they comprise of pioneers in the development of the metaverse industry.

As true-blue Metaverse developers, the FantaVerse team continues to innovate and embrace the latest developments in metaverse-related technologies to stay at the leading-edge of the metaverse evolution that is on an accelerated path in becoming an integral part of humanity.


FantaVerse is a 3D decentralized metaverse 3.0 gaming ecosystem with a PLAYnEARN ethos where players are rewarded for their meaningful contributions to the game’s ecosystem.

Its unique FantaEditor empowers gamers and creators to #BUIDL and contribute to building what will be the world’s leading Metaverse 3.0 gaming ecosystem.



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