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2 min readApr 10, 2022


FantaGlass Mixed Reality Gateway to the FantaVerse Metaverse

True to the spirit of the #BUIDL (that’s crypo slang for BUILD), we are blown away by the development plans for FantaGlass — the 3D AR/VR/MR gateway into the FantaVerse metaverse.

FantaGlass functions as the AR/VR/MR entrance to the FantaVerse Metaverse.

Whilst you don’t need it to play the game, our immersive experience of the FantaVerse Metaverse would be so much more rich and vivid with FantaGlass. It’s sleek, it’s light and it’s highly portable, unlike existing clunky and boxy AR/VR devices that lack MR capabilities.

FantaGlass is powerful, intuitive and lightweight for daily use. Its 120” virtual screen provides an unprecedented, immersive, multimedia experience for apps, games and movies.

FantaGlass as its own eco-system for Mixed Reality metaverses

FantaGlass doesn’t just support VR and AR functions but also MR (Mixed Reality), offering a world-class immersive experience in a decentralized metaverse. With voice and gesture controls plus advanced features, you can now unlock infinite possibilities hands-free with FantaGlass.

FantaGlass, which supports multi-OS and mobile devices, creates a truly immersive gaming experience for the interplanetary metauniverse, FantaVerse.

FantaGlass and Play2Earn

12% of the total token supply is allocated for FantaGlass interactivity.

Players get token rewards by playing FantaVerse game with FantaGlass.

FantaGlass NFTs available on Binance’s NFT Marketplace

FantaGlass NFTs can be purchased from Binance NFT Marketplace ahead of the universe, especially the limited Growth Pack NFT and/or Home Pack NFT bundles — while stocks last!

FantaVerse NFTs are available Binance NFT Marketplace

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FantaVerse is a 3D decentralized metaverse game with a Play2Earn ethos where players are rewarded for their meaningful contributions to the game’s ecosystem. FantaVerse is powered by the latest BIGANT technology which combines the best of Blockchain, Interactivity, Gaming cloud, AI, Network and Token Economies. Website:

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META FANTASY is a metaverse gaming company established in 2021. With a distributed business management model, the company is made up of more than 100 team members from all over the world with its headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. Website:



FantaVerse Official

FantaVerse ( is a Metaverse 3.0 game that enables gamers & creators to BUIDL, OWN, PLAY & FEEL all aspects of a leading-edge 3D Play&Earn game