FantaVerse Alpha Version Screenshots

FantaVerse’s Alpha is live! 🥳😎🔥

Greetings, Fantarians!👋🤝

👽 We are a go for Alpha!! 🥳🤩

Happy exploring but remember, it’s our Alpha… early days yet!

The #BUIDL continues!

FantaVerse Alpha version System Requirements & Download:

💜 What’s in the Alpha release?

🟣 Use USDT to buy UT (Universal Token; in-game tokens):

🟣 With FTC, purchase FantaVerse NFTs from FantaVerse NFT Marketplace:

💜 Buy FTC with UT for Breeding:

💜 Breeding Tutorial:

🔆 Quick link to FantaVerse NFT Marketplace:

😵‍💫 Need help?
For Technical Support, write in to



FantaVerse Official

FantaVerse Official

FantaVerse ( is a Metaverse 3.0 game that enables gamers & creators to BUIDL, OWN, PLAY & FEEL all aspects of a leading-edge 3D Play&Earn game